1. Where I can buy your products?
You can choose the product you’re interested in on our official website.

2. I wanna buy a product. Where should I contact?
We have managers who will answer all your questions. Contact them by mail gogoalchen@163.com or in Contact Us.

3.How to make an order?

You can add it into the buy-cart to finish payment or contact managers to place an order. And remember to register your information and address.

4. How can I get my order?

Normal post by EMS: 6-15 work days

Express by UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc: 2-8 work days

Courirer delivery (only in US) : 1-2 work days.

5. What's in the box with the product?
The contents of the package vary depending on the product. To find out exact details or the configuration, look at the product card or contact the manager.

6. What is the product warranty and what does it cover?

We provide a quality guarantee for all our products. Before shipping, we test our products and make sure they work correctly. We are not responsible for the quality of work of transport companies.

If you find a malfunction, contact us. Tell us what happened and film the breakdown on video. We will offer solutions, there may be several of them:

  • If the breakdown is not serious, our engineer will tell you how to fix it using a repair kit.
  • If there is a serious malfunction, send the product back to us. We will repair or replace the item with a new well-functioning one.

The warranty does not apply to mechanical damage received after you have unpacked the product. However, we provide technical support for our products not depending on the time of purchase. You can send us a product for repair and we will put it in order.

Every case of equipment breakdown is considered individually and repair conditions are specified.

7. Can I buy a separate part of the suit?
You can. Contact the manager and he will tell you the conditions.